Just like murders and people not minding their business, the 100 layers of makeup challenge needs to stop. As fascinating as it is to watch, these videos kind of make me feel nauseous. The only challenge that didn’t make me feel queasy was the 100 layers of highlighter challenge. Maybe that’s because I love highlighter, and there’s no problem with applying a lot. The brighter, the better. Just kidding, it looked pretty gross, but it’s not as gross as the 100 layers of liquid lipstick challenge. Watching her peel off the liquid lipstick made me want to faint. Nasty! Another challenge that made me feel that way is this video. This video surpasses the 100 layers of makeup challenge. In this video, the beauty guru applies 120 coats of mascara. That’s crazy, and the results are frightening.

Are You Ready?

I don’t think she knows what she is getting herself into.

YouTube | Nicole Skyes


Coat #1 is done! Only 119 more to go.

YouTube | Nicole Skyes