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Try Out This Unique Curling Method

There are many hair tutorials out there that show you how to curl hair, and all of them are different. Which one is the correct one and which one is absolutely difficult to master? There is no right or wrong answer. The truth is that it takes time to research all the different curling methods out there. To help you, we have separated a different, unique curling method and everything you need to know is in this simple yet super useful tutorial. By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to create this different type of barrel curls and everything in-between.

Always use a heat protectant spray when you curl your hair. Working with heat protection is vital to the health of your hair.

If you want to have ribbon-like curls, wrap the strand in a flat way around the barrel of the curling iron. You shouldn’t clip the end of the strand with the wand. Hold the end with fingers, but if you are new to this technique use a glove so you won’t burn yourself. For curls that will last over the night, you have to curl the strand up to the roots. Choose the direction you want the hair to curl, either toward your face or away from your face.

Pressing heat into your hair from both sides with a powerful flat iron every day could cause dryness. Thus, try to avoid the maximum temperature to use to keep hair colour safe from dulling and fading. So turn your iron down and be more deliberate with your speed (slowing down) to create better curls with less damage to your hair. Curl your hair, then set it with a setting clip and let it cool until all of the heat is gone and the hair is cold to the touch.