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Trendy Pattern For Your Nails

Every nail decoration must start with a good preparation. No matter how gorgeous the nail art is, if the area around the nails is ugly, the whole decoration will look bad. The nails are ugly when the skin around is dry, when the cuticles are cracked and when the old nail polish is still on the nails. I will show you how to go through the preparing procedure:

File the nails into a square shape. This shape will match the geometric design of the nail art.

Remove the old nail polish if there is some leftovers on the nails.

Smooth the skin around the nails with cuticle oil.

Exfoliate the hands, including the fingers and the nails, with a hand scrub.

Clean the nails with a white apple vinegar to remove the oily leftovers off the nail beds.

The preparing procedure is over. Now, you have to begin the application of the nail polishes. Here we go:

Apply a base coat first. This is an essential step for the sake of healthy nails. The transparent layer will protect the nails from the harsh properties of the colorful nail polishes. It will also make it easier for you to remove the decoration afterwards.

Apply a base color to the nails, which will work as a background of the decoration. A light beige color will be perfect for the situation. If the color is not opaque, you should apply two layers.

For this step you will need a tape station and zig-zag scissors.

Paint the tape with your favorite pink color and wait for it to thicken a little bit.

Cur the tape with the zig-zag scissors and stick them on the nails. Cut the excessive ends of the strips.

Secure the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.


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