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Trendy Nude Lips

These days we can talk about trends even among makeup, not only about clothes. I am noticing that the eyes are the area that are more enhanced compared with the lips, for instance. This trend of enhanced eyes requires nude lips as a companion. This is the exact reason for showing you this tutorial for perfect nude lips.

Just follow the steps:
Sometimes you want to draw attention to your lips too, because they are stunning, but the heavy eye makeup design won’t look good matched with enhanced lips. You always have to keep the balance perfect. But if you wish for enhanced lips, you can do something about it. The nude lips below are simple, yet sophisticated and fancy.

First of all make sure that your lips are perfectly smooth and the skin is moisturized. If they are dry, full of ugly, sticking out cuticles you have to exfoliate them until the skin of the lips feels soft. After the exfoliation the skin will remain really dry and you have to moisturize it with natural lip balm or with a petroleum jelly. Apply it and wait for a few seconds before you move to the next step, the moisturizer has to absorb into the skin nicely.

The next step requires white lip pencil. If you don’t have white, you can use pale pink, it has to be lighter than the natural color of your lips. Cover only the center of the lips, as it is shown in the picture.

After that you will smudge/blend in the bright color. Use your finger as a tool for the smudging.
Finish the whole thing with a transparent lip gloss.

Your lips are enhanced, but yet simple enough to match your gorgeous eye makeup. Have fun and come back once in a while for more makeup ideas!< lips