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Three Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

Every makeup design requires three main details – the brows, the eyes and the lips. Today we will pay attention to the eyebrows. They are crucial part of the makeup and you must prepare them in order to create a complete makeup design of your face. I will show you which are the three perfect tools for shaping the eyebrows – brow powder, angled brush and brow comb. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one. Here we go:

First, you have to define what type of brow you want to apply on your lids. Define the brow according to the shape of your face. If you have long and thin face shape, then you have to choose a tape of brow with flat and low arch. But if you have short and round face, then you are allowed to create a high arch of the eyebrow.
Once the shape of the eyebrow is defined, you have to fill it in. First, take the angled brush and dampen it. Dip it in the powdered brow color and outline the top edge of the eyebrow.
Then, dip the tip of the brush again in the color and line the bottom edge of the brow.
Finally, fill in the brows with feather-like motions by using only the tip of the brush.
Comb the bows in order to remove the excessive color, which will lead to more natural look of the eyebrows.
Don’t forget to highlight the brow bone for fresher look of the face.
All done! Enjoy this look!

I like to do my makeup by myself, because I feel more confident about my abilities and I can apply the exact design I want. I also like doing my nails, making hairstyles and applying facial and hair masks for nourishing my skin and hair. Do you like the DIY stuff too?

three steps for perfect eyebrows