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Three Beauty Tricks with … Ice

Every woman’s most powerful beauty tool is her skin. If you have flawless skin then half of your job in looking pretty is done. So, the first thing you should start taking care of, if you want to boost your beauty, is your skin. That is why today we have prepared for you three beauty hacks that will help your skin look younger, fresher and healthier than before. Surprisingly enough they all involve ice. Do you wonder why?

Here is the answer: ice is one of the best natural moisturizers you can find. You have probably heard that it is better for your skin to take cold showers instead of hot ones. Well, it is even better if you apply ice on it. It has the power to bring some of elasticity and youth of your skin. Well, this is good enough reason to use ice regularly on your skin, but the hacks we have prepared for you will bring some of its other powers to light. Check them out!

#1 Use ice to fix your makeup

If you want to have long-lasting makeup just use ice. A lot of women complain about having too oily skin, because of which their makeup could not last long. If you want to forget about this problem just apply ice on your skin before you put your makeup on. First, wash your face with cool water. Then put a couple of ice cubes in a plastic bag or some piece of cotton cloth and apply it on your face for a couple of minutes. Make sure you cover the parts of your face that get oily a lot. The ice will tighten your skin and will slow down the process of greasiness, which will help your makeup last longer than usual.

#2 Use ice as a nail polish dryer

A lot of us have problem with patience when they are waiting for their nail polish to get dry completely. You for sure can think of a situation when you have waited for ages for your nail polish to get dry completely and in the end when you think that you are good to go, you ruin it because it needed some more time.

This happens probably quite often, so we recommend that you do not torture yourselves, but just speed up the process. Get a container and put in it ice so that you cover the bottom of it completely. Then put your fingers in the ice. Wait for a couple of minutes, and voila, your nail polish will be completely fixed. You can also do it with cold water, but the process will be slower than using ice.

#3 Use ice to get rid of zits

You have probably heard that when you have a zit or pimple you should not touch it too much or even pop it, because you could easily spread bacteria in the open pore and this could lead to having a couple more zits. But if you cannot pop them, how to get rid of them? Easily, just use ice.

Apply ice on the zits and it will reduce the swelling a little and even the annoying feeling you have will disappear. It is better if you apply ice even before the zit has shown up, in the earliest stages. Then you will have the best chances to get rid of it. All you have to do is put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply it on this part of your face where the zit will appear. Hold the ice there for a few minutes and then you will see that the swelling is gone.