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The Things You Could Do With Bobby Pins You Not Even Thought of

Bobby pins are often hairstyle saviors. They are so small and yet they are so strong in holding our hair together that hairstyles would not have been the same without the help of bobby pin. But it seems that bobby pins are not praised enough and are always in other hair products’ shadows. Well, that is why today we have decided to share some information about the uses of bobby pins with you. And believe me, some of them will just blow your mind and will make you ask yourself why you had not thought about these things before. Here are they!

#1 DIY a triangle

2. Try a triangle

We are used to using bobby pins just like props for our hairstyles, and we often hide them in our hair. But have you ever though that you could use bobby pins as main tools for a hairstyle. And not only this, but it is quite an easy one as well. You can try the triangle hairstyle. You will need just three bobby pins. Get two sections of hair, at the back of your head and secure it with the three bobby pins making a triangle.

#2 #trendybobbypinhairstyle

You know how trendy it is to write your thoughts using hash tags. Well, if you want to take this trend to the next level and to be fashionable with a # in your hair, you could do this with a little bit of help from bobby pins. You will need just 4 bobby pins and one or two sections of hair. Put the first two bobby pins alongside each other. And then the other two crossing them. And this way your hash tag is ready.

#3 How to fix a bobby pin

The thing about bobby pins that has always irritated me is that I had to buy new bobby pins every time I use the old ones once. Every time I used a bobby pin it made it unusable for a second time, because the two ends came wider apart from one another. Well, this is not a problem no more. Just get some ordinary pliers and press the two parts of the bobby pin together. This way you will not have to buy new bobby pins that often. Or if you are not good with pliers, you can try the next hack.

#4 Or fix a bobby pin with dry shampoo

9. Improve grip with dry shampoo.

People know that a woman’s skin is quite gentle and she should not use any tools like pliers in order not to hurt themselves. Well, if you want still to fix your bobby pins, you can try another method. Just spray your bobby pins with some dry shampoo. It will make their grip stronger if it has become looser with time, or if you have just bought not very strong pins in the first place.

#5 Paint your own bobby pins

14. Get artistic with nail polish

If you want your bobby pins to have different colors, but you cannot find the right ones you need, there is still what to do. Just paint your bobby pins with some pain polish. This way you can have the right color you need without searching for it all over your town. Put the bobby pins on a sheet of paper, so that only the upper part of the bobby pin is seen. Paint them with the nails polish and leave them to get dry. Then paint the back part of the bobby pin and your colorful bobby pins are ready.

#6 Use bobby pin as nail art tool

17. Nail Art Tool

You have probably seen a lot of nail art techniques which involve the use of a small brush or some kind of a sharp tool to make different shapes. You can do this with the help of a bobby pin. You could pains one of its ends in one color and the other with another to paint interesting shapes or figures.

#7 Have you been using bobby pins with the wrong side up?

1.  Use the right side

Many women use bobby pins the wrong way, because nobody told them the right way to do it. And it is so simple. Instead of placing the pin with the wavy part up, place it with this part down. The bobby pin will thus have a stronger grip and this wavy part will not get in your way, like it does sometimes.

#8 Pop up that ponytail

4.  Prop your ponytail

You know how some women have straight ponytails that do not get loose or fall down. Do you want to achieve the same thing, but did not know how to do it? Well, it is actually quite easy. Just use some bobby pins. When you tie your hair in a ponytail, secure the elastic band with a couple of bobby pins placed in the direction of your hair growth. And this will keep your ponytail straight.