Our body is truly fascinating. Even if we see it as ugly, it is perfect and it is designed for just about anything. And every part of our body tells us a lot about ourselves: our faces show where we’ve been, the palms of our hands can tell us where we’re going. And our toes can also reveal who we are on the inside.

The toes can take various shapes and every one of these shapes corresponds to a personality type. We tell you what they are:

Roman Toes

This is the most common type of toes. Here the big toe is the longest and they gradually decrease in length until reaching the little toe. These people are generally very friendly, they like to love and be loved, they support others and are easily supported, so they tend to be able to overcome any difficulty presented to them.

Flaming Toes

Another common shape, with these toes the second is slightly longer than the big toe and the remaining toes gradually decrease in length. People with these toes are very ambitious but also very creative, and even enjoy provoking a little chaos and madness in other people, much to everyone else’s enjoyment.

Square Toes

These feet have toes all of practically the same length. Also known as “peasant foot”, people with these feet are very thoughtful, considering all options before making a decision. They are also very diplomatic and always look for a pragmatic way of solving any problem.

Very Little Toe

Very similar to the Roman toes, but the little toe is even smaller still. These people can be very reserved with their private life, are more shy than anything else and can also be overprotective of what they do and how they feel.

Separated Toes

It may be that they are always like this or that you can stretch them out quite far. These toes are those of a very restless person, nomadic by nature, always in search of new experiences and new places to get to know.

Warrior Toes

On this foot, the big toe is the longest and all the others are of the same length. These people are the life and soul of the party and are just as passionate about everything else, to the point where they are willing to do anything to defend their point of view. There is nothing they like more than enjoying themselves and they want to enjoy themselves every minute of the day.

Sloping Toes

In this strange shape, the second toe is slightly separated from the third and sloped towards the big toe. One can be born with this foot or develop the shape over time. People with this foot are very quiet and peaceful, they don’t like making any kind of a fuss or commotion.

Extended Toes

This foot has the big toe separated from the other 4 which are close together. People with this foot are independent, they like to be free and even act crazy, they are happy and comfortable being different and uncommon, occasionally they will do things just for the sake of it.

what foot do you have? 

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