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The Best Tips that Will Help You Grow Your Hair Long

Long hair is a lot of girls’dream. It is no wonder where it comes from. Long hair not only makes a woman more feminine, but there are a lot of opportunities to style it in different ways. You can have a curly hair, a wavy one, a straight one. You can color it, you could put some flowers and hairpins in it. But the paradox here is that the more you style your hair, the more you make it weaker. This mainly happens because of the heating you use to make your hair curly, straight, or just dry (if you are using a hair drier).

But not only the heating is responsible, but also the different hair tools you use, like bobby pins, hairpins, even your sunglasses when you put them on top of your head. The shades press the hair follicles, and sometimes pull a hair or two when you take them off, which again is not very complementary for your hair, especially if you want it to be long and strong.

If you have always wanted to have long hair, but you were not able to do it, and you did not know what the reason for this was, here is a little help. Today we are going to present to you the best tips for growing out your hair long, together with other important things you should know about the way you treat your hair.

Tip #1 Brush your hair before washing it
A lot of women forget about brushing their hair before taking a shower. That is mostly because they do not consider it important, since it will probably going to be tangled again after you wash it. If you see yourself in this description, then you are doing mistake number 1. You need to de-tangle your hair when it is still dry, because if you want to brush it and de-tangle it when it is wet, you will not be doing much good to it. Wet hair is much more fragile, and would break quite easily if you pull it or do other things to it, including brushing. It is one of the first things you should turn into a habit when it comes to your hair. It is not so hard, and it will take you a couple of minutes.

Tip #2 Be careful how you comb your hair
When you want to brush your hair when it is wet, even though it is not a good idea, you should use instead of a brush, a comb. It will be more gentle to your hair, and will not break it that much. But there is one more thing you should know about using a comb. People usually start brushing their hair from the roots to the tips. What you should do instead is to start from the tips. This, of course, does not mean that you should back-comb your hair. It means that you should first comb the ends of your hair, where it is the most tangled. This will help you untangle your hair easily, and it will not be that painful. You will not pull that much the hairs, which will lead to protecting some of them from breaking and falling down. You will soon notice the difference when your hair gets stronger and longer.

Tip #3 Tips for thin hair
Not every girl was that lucky to be born with naturally strong hair. Some have quite thin hair, which is not easy to be grown long. One way you can make it look more voluminous is to make it curly, or at least wavy, but this will not help if you want to have long hair. Thin hair usually gets much more tangled. And when you use a comb or a brush to de-tangle it, you can pull it easily and thus prevent it from growing long. What you can do here, is instead of using a tool to brush your hair, you can use your fingers. You will be able to control the strength with which you are treating your hair, and not only this, but your fingers are bigger than the bristles, which again is a plus when protecting your hair from breakage.

Tip #4 Do not use any heat
Heating is an enemy number 1 to strong and long hair, because it makes the hair weaker, drier, and in need of a haircut (which, if necessary, but is done too often does not allow your hair to grow). On the other hand, having long hair is no fun if you do not do anything with it. What you can do to combine both things, is to use no heating methods to have a hairstyle. For example, if you want curly hair, make a couple of braids while your hair is still wet, and sleep with them. In the morning you will have nice healthy waves.

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