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The Best Tip for French Manicure

French manicure is the most stylish thing there is. It is the all time classic. And it is something that you can never go wrong with.

The french manicure as you can state from the name is originating from Paris. And everything that comes from there is quite the classy thing. The french women start painting the tips of there nails in white firstly in the 1920s. In the beginning they only paint the tips. Then they start moderating the nail style – they cover the nail bed in a nude shade or slight pinkish shade. And since then until this day if you ask a manicurist this is the nail polish they do the most.

During the years mani variations of the french manicure have occurred. People started painting the base different color and then making the tips white. Other variations have been a bold color then a black or neon tip. And then a clear base, but colorful tips. All of them are gorgeous in a way. And a person can make them home.

There are some kits for french manicure. But they become pricey if you use them often. And then not always when you want to do the french you have the supplies nearby. But there is a technique you can do with a simple elastic.

So you need a simple thicker elastic. You need some base, some white nail polish and if you want some top coat.

Start by applying a base to the nail bed. Let it fully dry!

Then use the elastic – as shown on the pictures. Put it at the tip of the nail. Depending on how thick you want the white line to be.

Hold the elastic very well, so that you don’t twinkle the line.

Apply white nail polish between the elastic and the end of the nail!

You can finish off with a top coat. And enjoy!

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