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Super Extended Eyeliner Look

The cat eyeliner flick is ever fashionable as it delivers a sultry, flattering appearance to your eyes even when the rest of your makeup remains low key. The cat eye liner look has been quite a rage in the makeup world yet many find it merely impossible to recreate. Not necessarily, this tutorial will show you how it is done in no time! Most importantly, it will show you how to make it super extended – ideal for nights out!

Now, grab your liquid eyeliner and let’s get started!

Step 1: First, create the wing of your eyeliner. For this to work, lower your eyelid so you have a smooth service to draw on. To create your eyeliner wing, draw a line starting from the last lash outwards. In this step, you can decide the length and angle to your eye liner. Make the line thicken as it goes towards the outer corner of your eye.

Step 2: Connect the wing with upper lash line, somewhere in the middle. You can also tailor your eyeliner shape to your eye shape, whatever suits you!

Step 3: Working with the inner corner of your lid, gently apply a thin, delicate line across your upper lash line. This way you should be able to connect the wing to the inner corner.

Step 4: Fill in the gaps with the liquid eyeliner.

Step 5: Refine the eyeliner at the inner corner of your lid, making it sharp.

Step 6: Last but certainly not least, apply mascara to highlight this amazing cat eye flick! Make sure you switch to a waterproof formula as it works best on lower lashes, preventing the color from smudging. Simply look straight forward in the mirror, take the wand, place it at the base of your lash line and use back-and-forth motions to distribute the color.