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Step-By-Step Eye Makeup Tutorial

Down below you will find a great tutorial for eye makeup. Follow the steps and you will end up with amazing results:

Let’s begin with the preparation of the lids. This is an important step, because it will guarantee a long lasting makeup. And this is essential for a gorgeous makeup design like this one, you don’t want it to smudge or fade away, right? So, apply makeup primer to the lids. It works like the base coat for the nails. Spread it all over the lid with finger or with a brush. If your lids are reddish, you can apply tinted primer to even out the colors.
And now, when the lids are prepared, you can start with the application of the makeup. First, create a depth of the eye with light brown color on the crease. Trace it with a round brush.
Then, enhance this effect with a little bit darker color on at the outer corner of the lid. Use smaller brush than the first one, round again.
Now, pick up pastel color, which will match your outfit. Apply it on the lid, up to the crease, or to the place where you’ve applied the brown color.
If you think that the intensity of the color is too pale, you can apply another layer of the pastel color.
Now, move to the brows. You should shape them and fill them with color, otherwise they will look pale and out of shape. Use brow pencil, brow brush and appropriate color for the brows. And don’t forget to highlight the brow bone with concealer or highlighter.
Then highlight the inner corner of the eye to create an effect of bigger-looking eyes.
I’m sure that something doesn’t seem right. Of course, there is no liner, neither mascara. Without these two last steps, your makeup will look unfinished.
So, draw the cat-eye liner and then put the mascara on the lashes. If you want, you can even apply faux lashes, it is up to you.

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