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Short Natural Hairstyles

Short Natural Hairstyles

You do not always have to have permed hair in order to look beautiful because with short natural hairstyles you will still look pretty and confident as a woman. If you are not sure which short natural hairstyles to choose for your face’s shape, you can read some black haircare magazines and meet with your stylist to get an idea of which style is the best. If your friends wear natural hairstyles ask for their opinions on choosing the best natural hairstyle for short hair.

Cropped Small Afro

This is a popular natural hairstyle for women who just chopped off a bulk of their hair down to the new growth in their hair. You will need to visit your stylist periodically to have your hair trimmed and washed so that your hair will be healthy for many years

Small Twists

This is a nice choice for women who do not want to spend a ton of time and money on their hair each week. To do the twists at home you will need to separate your hair in sections and then combine the separate sections together. When you go to bed at night you want to place a scarf around your hair to keep the twists soft and in place. You can also perform these steps if you are wearing braids

Twist Out

To achieve this wavy hairstyle you can shampoo and condition your hair before you detangle it. Once you complete this step you want to put your hair in sections and add essential oils and gel to your hair. Then separate the sections in two big sections and twist each section, and sit under the dryer for 45 minutes. After your hair dries you should take the two twists apart and style without using a comb because if you use a comb it will take the waves out your hair. You will look very attractive with short natural hairstyles, and should be considered when thinking of the right styles for any event

Find a Good Natural Hair Stylist

When you decide to wear your hair natural and short, you cannot visit the first hairdresser you see in your neighborhood because not all hairdressers are skilled in handling this type of hair. You should choose a stylist that specializes in doing natural hairstyles on a regular basis because she can help you care for your hair once your hair is styled.