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Peacock Inspired Makeup Tutorial

We are always on the hunt for the latest eye shadow looks and makeup tricks that can be passed on to our readers. If you are reading this, then you know that we are simply the best in giving out the latest makeup tutorials to everyone. We know that every woman yearns to look stunning no matter what. So, this week we have outlined each step for this amazing peacock makeup design – the ideal look for any cocktail party! Peacocks are currently all the rage on the makeup scene, as people love the brilliant colours and textures associated with these beautiful creatures. The fun part about doing peacock eye makeup is that there are arrays of colours you can mix and match, depending on your personal preference. Now, let’s reveal how this magic actually works! Grab your makeup bag and read the first step.

Step 1: Create a cut crease line with a black eye pencil. To do this, simply run your pencil across your eyelid, following your natural cut crease curve.

Step 2: Add dark green shadow above the line you just created with the pencil.

Step 3: Distribute light green shadow all over the crease line, extending the colour above the darker green one.

Step 4: Apply intense purple shadow to the bare space of your eyelid, gently blending it as you go.

Step 5: Outline your lower lash line with the first two pigments – dark and light green.

Step 6: Take your liquid eyeliner and create the ever famous cat eye look. Do not forget to flick the end of the eyeliner to avoid looking too droopy. Be sure to finish with several coats of rich mascara in either black or navy. As you can see, it is no wonder that the peacock eye makeup look has become extremely popular.