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Pantone Colors for Marble Manicure

We all already know that the colors of 2016 according to Pantone are Rose Quartz and Serenity. I want to show you how fast these colors entered our lives with designs like this one: the marble nail art. The colors used for this nail decoration are similar to the colors of the year of Pantone – baby pink and baby blue. Take a look at the steps and you will see how easy it is to create such an adorable decoration, when the colors match perfectly together. And here are the steps, let’s trace them together:

First of all, you should shape your nails. If you skip that step, you will risk having ugly and uneven nails. And this is not the desired result after all, right?
Once the nails are filed into the desired shape, which I recommend you to be Oval, you should check the condition of the skin around the nails. If the skin is too dry and there are dry and chapped cuticles all around the nails, you must exfoliate the fingers and then cut the excessive cuticles, which tend to make your nails ugly and not good looking.
When the nails, the fingers and the hands are prepared and groomed, you can start with the application of the colors. First, paint the nails in a primer to hold on a long lasting and good looking decoration.
Then, cover the nails in the pink color. Apply two layers and let it dry before you move to the next step.
Then, take a plastic kitchen roll and cut a piece. Squish it between your fingers and hold it for now.
Pour a drop of the blue color on the nail and use the plastic wrap to press it and smudge it all over the nails. This way, the colors will merge together imitating the marble decoration.
Keep up with this routine until you decorate all the nails.
Then let it dry and seal the deal with a top coat. Enjoy!

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