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Nourishing Mask For Damaged Hair

Today I want to draw attention to your hair, and more specifically – to the condition of your hair. Sometimes your hair get too exhausted by all the hairstyles that include curling, straightening, or the hair products like hair spray, stylizing mousse, hair dye, etc. If you are torturing your hair regularly, then you must soothe it with the proper care the same amount of time or at least once per week.

I want to show you a hair mask that will turn your hair from dry to smooth. You will need butter and argan oil. These products are great for damaged hair. Check out the steps:

Don’t use a whole bar of butter. Cut 1/3 of the butter bar for semi-long hair, not too thick one.

Melt the butter over steam bath.

Pour a little bit of argan oil in the warm butter.

Dampen the hair with water.

Apply the mixture of butter and argan oil while warm in order to open the hair follicles and get really deep into the hairs, which will heal them at the very inside.

Roll the hair into a bun.

Wrap the hair with plastic wrap and head towel and let it stay with the mask on for 20 minutes.

Wash the hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner.

Blow dry the hair with hair dryer on cooler step.

Apply this hair mask every week for at least a month. You can rotate this mask with another hair mask, but make sure to nourish the hair every week, especially when it is damaged by the everyday stylizing routine.

If you want to restore the condition of your hair you should forget about the curling and the flat irons for a while.Give your hair a month rest. The time will heal it the same way as the hair masks.