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Makeup Looks You Can Do With Your Eyes Closed

Of course, not literally but these makeup looks are very easy, you can look perfect in no time and little effort. They are in fashion this season, walking the cat walk and shining on the covers of magazines. As one person once said, and very wisely at that, the less is more sometimes. You cannot wait to hear them, here they are:

Smudged Cat Eye
This makeup is for all of you who cannot make a straight line while putting on makeup. This one is intentionally messy. All you have to do is grab some dark grey or black eyeshadow and apply it basically on your upper and lower lash lines. Then using your fingers, smudge the shadow, drawing the line towards the outer corner of your eye. And just in a few steps you are ready.

Lip Stain
If you are not very good at lip makeup, you will be thrilled about this one. It is so super easy and is in high fashion this season. Even though its name is not very flattering, it is sexy. Here is how to do it: just put a little lipstick (stain) in the center of your lips, on your pout, and then rub your lips together, pressing them one to the other. The great part is that the lipstick does not even go to the edges and you can be as messy as you want, no contouring.

Glossy brows
When some women put on makeup they sometimes forget about the brows. The eyes, the lips, even the nose have special attention, but rarely the brow. However, brows can change a woman’s look. So do not forget to buy a brow gel next time. When you are in a hurry, it will be of a great help. Just apply some of the gel on your brows and then, using your fingers, shape your brows into arch, easy and glamorous!

Cream Blush
If you still have not tried it, this kind of blush is easier to apply and it looks more natural. It will give your face some naturally healthy color. Here is how to apply it: rub your fingers into the product then smile. No, you are not taking a picture just yet. When you are smiling the apples of your cheeks protrude and will be easier to find the place where to apply the blush. Apply the products on your cheeks and blend it up towards your ears.

All-Over Color
Some women have just one product in their makeup cases. If this one is blush or eyeshadow, they are lucky because these products have multiple uses. Apply it on your eyelids and then using your index finger bring it down to your cheeks, so that you create a C-shape. The next thing is to rub your index finger into the powder, apply it on your lips, dabbing and then apply your lip balm over it to make it shine.