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Make Your Natural Lashes Look Longer and More Voluminous

One of the most feminine face features are probably lashes. The longer they are, the more attractive look they give to one’s face. A lot of men who have long lashes are considered to have a type of “feminine beauty” just because of this sole face feature. Thus, it is no wonder why a lot of women strive to have extremely long eyelashes. However, what most women do is to put falsies on if they are not satisfied with the length of their lashes.

Well, I do not know about you, but I am not into falsies. Yes, they look good, but they are sometimes hard to put on and just look unnatural. Your natural beauty is your secret weapon, so do not give it up. But if you want to have longer lashes, do not worry, because we are here to help. There are ways you cannot only make your lashes naturally longer, but you can make them look longer in just a few steps. Here they are!

# Step 1

If you still do not have lash curler, fix that mistake immediately, because lash curlers are your best friends. Before you start doing anything on your eyelashes, and this includes everything, use a lash curler to curl them. Start from the roots of the lashes. Make a couple of pumps, then move on to the center of the lashes, and again make a couple of pumps. Finish at the tips of the lashes and you will immediately notice how much bigger that have become. After that you can more on to your next step.

# Step 2

For longer lashes you actually need two kinds of mascara. The first one, which you are going to use in this step, need to be for voluminous curly lashes. Apply a couple of coats of mascara from bottom to top on both your upper and lower lashes. Be careful not to apply accidentally some of the mascara on your face.

# Step 3

Up to now there is probably nothing new to you, and by looking at the mirror you will think that it is perfectly OK if you leave your lashes like this, but not if you want to have more voluminous and longer lasher. The secret here is to apply some baby powder on your lashes. The powder will add volume to them and will help preserve the mascara.

Put some baby powder on your palm and dip a Q-tip into it and then carefully start applying it on your lashes. Begin from the roots to the tips and make sure you have covered all of them. When you are ready you really should tell that there is something like ash on them.

# Step 4

Once you are done with the powder you are almost done with your lashes, but not until you apply another coat of mascara. You can still use the first type of mascara that you have applied, but if you prefer, use another one, with plastic bristles to separate your lashes a little if you want. Apply a couple of coats of mascara again and you are ready. You will instantly notice the difference between lashes with no powder on, and lashes with powder on.

Extra tip: How to make your lashes grow longer?

If faking the volume and length of your lashes is not enough for you and you want your lashes to naturally grow longer, try this homemade recipe. Mix equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil in a small container and apply the mixture every night before going to sleep. In a month as the most you will notice that your lashes have grown longer.