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Kitchen Tool as Makeup Helper

A girl who has a tablespoon on her beauty nook is not crazy or scruffy, she is clever and wise. The spoon can play the role of a helper in your beauty routine. In fact, it can work not only as a makeup helper, but also as a manicure helper. Down below I will show you a few tricks for using the spoon in your beauty routine. Take a look:

You can use the tablespoon to reduce tired eyes. No matter how hard you try to go to bed before 22 o’clock, you rarely succeed in achieving such a desire, which means that you go to bed after midnight, which might cause puffy eyes. In order to remove the puffiness, you can use the spoon: place it in the fridge for several minutes, or until you wash your face and teeth and then press the cold spoon gently to the area under the eyes. Hold for a little bit, remove the spoon and press again. This trick should reduce the puffiness a little bit. If it doesn’t work, make a peppermint tea and drink it in the morning.

Another idea for the spoon is to use it as a guideline for the highlight on your cheekbones. It is pretty easy – smile, place the spoon on the apple of the cheek and apply the highlighter.

Continue with the contouring technique. Put the handle of the spoon alongside the nose and apply the lines at the sides with the contouring product.

Another great use of the tablespoon is to curl your lashes, or to protect the lid while you are applying the mascara on the lashes.

As I told you earlier, you can use the spoon not only for your makeup, but also for your manicure. Place the spoon close to the nail and paint over it. You can use plastic spoon, because it will get stained from the nail polish.