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How to Remove Your Gel Manicure at Home

Gel manicures are amazing. They are beautiful. Have hundreds of colors and can be made in many different variations, that are quite an amazing thing! If you love beautiful manicure and can stand the idea of having the same nails for more than two weeks this will most definitely be your thing. I know I love it and since I have found gel manicures I enjoy them with all my eccentricity and love.

Of course in order to have good manicure you have to find THE manicurist. This person should firstly be someone you trust. Then it should be someone you know and see is capable. That way you will have an original design. If you are just into simple things this doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the best of work done while applying your gel.

Once you have your gel manicure and enjoy it for a few weeks there comes a time when it should all be taken off. The thing is that it can not be removed like a normal nail polish. There is technique to do it. And in the ideal situation you will go to your manicurist and she or he will remove it. If you though for some reason have to take it off by yourself, there are a few tips for you in order to be easier and you not to ruin your nails.

Forget about peeling that polish

Sometimes when we wear gel manicure it starts to peel of. The best thing to do in such a case is not to touch it and let it do whatever it wants to. Some people think that they can just peel off all of the gel. But that is the biggest crime you can do to your nails. When peeling off the gel polish you peel of the top layer of your nail, which actually damages it. After something like that your nails will be very weak and brittle. So avoid this. Peeling is not the way to remove your gel manicure at home!

Use a buffer

If you have ever gone to the manicurist you must have seen the buffer and how it is used. Buffers are inexpensive and are the first tool you will need to remove that gel. With it you just have to run over all of your nails. This will remove the top polish, which actually seals it all down. That way the nail polish will be very sensitive and it will be easier to remove it! So buff your nails, but be careful not to get to your nails and damage it.

Wrap your nails

If you have even once went to a manicurist to put on and remove your gel manicure you have seen this procedure. You should use cooking aluminum foil, acetone nail polish remover (a strong one) and cotton balls. You must firstly apply a good amount of the acetone to the cotton ball. Then put it on the nails and then wrap your finger in the foil. Do this to all of the nails with gel polish on them and leave that for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the time has passed and your nails are soaked remove the foil with the cotton balls.

Scrape off the rest of the polish

After you have unwrapped your nails, there will be still some color left on the nail. And no matter what you do this is inevitable. You can use a wooden cuticle stick or if you don’t have a wooden one use any that you have lying around. With it gently scrape off what is left on your nails. But once again, don’t apply too much pressure in order not to damage your nails. Scrape nail by nail until all of it is gone. After you are done you can gently buff once again so that you nails will be shiny and totally ready for your next manicure.

Moisturize heavily

One of the secrets to having beautiful nails and keeping them in a good shape after removing an invasive gel manicure is moisturizing and taking good care. At the end of the day not only the skin needs moisture. The same applies to the nails and the cuticles. Taking that gel polish off is stressing the nails and even the cuticles. So they need special care afterward. A good idea is after you are done with removing all the gel so start by simply washing your hands. Then apply a heavy coat of special cuticle oil to the cuticles and to the nails too. This will soften them in a healthy way and hydrate them as much as they need.

The whole taking care of your nails is not that tough, not matter if you apply gel polish or not. It is all about caring. If you use the right products and tools (and they are not that expensive) you will be enjoying beautiful nails and beautiful manicure.