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How to Recreate the Smoky Cat Eye Flick

In the great book of classic makeup looks, it’s safe to say there would definitely be a chapter dedicated to the cat eye. There is something enchanting about the slender shape and outline of the cat eye makeup look. The feline effect has been quite a rage in the makeup world for a long time now. From Cleopatra to Hollywood actresses, cat eyes have been flaunted by all women who are at the top of their fashion game. The perfect cat eyeliner is ever fashionable, very flattering for most eye shapes and delivers a sultry, mysterious look even when the rest of your makeup remains low key. The beauty of this technique – and probably the key to its multi-decade staying power – is that it works with every eye shape.

Step 1: First, lower your eyelid so you have a smooth service to draw on. To create your eyeliner wing, draw a line starting from the last lash outwards. In this step, you can decide the length and angle to your eye liner. Make the line thicken as it goes towards the outer corner of your eye.

Step 2: Take your makeup brush, dip it into the black shadow and fill in the flick. Blend the colour towards the middle of the lid, leaving the inner corner nude.

Step 3: Smooth the black shadow across the lid. Make the colour fade as you start reaching the inner corner.

Step 4: Add silver shadow to the inner corner. If this is an evening look, apply glitter to make your whole makeup effect even more glamorous!

Step 5: Last but certainly not least, apply mascara to highlight this amazing cat eye flick! For the top lashes, look straight forward in the mirror, take the wand, place it at the base of your lash line and use back-and-forth motions to distribute the color. When it comes to the bottom lashes, switch to a waterproof formula as it works best on lower lashes, preventing the color from smudging.