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How To Hide Tired Eyes

We all know how annoying it is to try to hide tired eyes with a concealer. Either you look like a cake with too much cream on it, or the dark circles are visible from the other corner of the street. First of all, you should work on the preventing-tired-eyes part first, and then concentrate on the hiding-tired-eyes part. Here are some tips that will prevent tired eyes when you wake up in the morning:

It is forbidden to go to sleep with makeup on your face, especially on the your eyes!

Drink peppermint tea in the morning to reduce the puffiness.

Or drink warm mineral water with a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It will work just like the peppermint tea.

Spend 10 minutes on morning stretching routine on open window in your bedroom.

These are my tips that work for me every time. But now, let me show you how to hide the tired eyes with makeup. Take a look at the steps:

First, apply your makeup as usual – moisturizer, foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and whatever you put on every morning.

Then, take a red-tinted lip balm (trust me, just take it) and apply it under the eye – from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

Apply the concealer now, on top of the red line.

Take a round brush and blend the concealer all over the area under your eyes.


The red color of the lip balm will neutralize the darkness under the eye and the concealer will bring back the light of the skin.

The concealer must be liquid and oily in order to merge with the color of the skin perfectly.

Next time, try to get enough sleep in order to prevent such a disaster. See you soon!

how to hide tired eyes