How to Get Smoothly Shaved Legs for Longer? Check out Our Top Tips

Going out for your next date? Well guess what? It’s the third, and he might be “the one”. Its time, no matter how much you try to delay it.

You want to look pretty, so you have to wear a dress, you have to put on some make up, tie up your hair, or leave it down, you have to wear the best possible jewelry and show off those legs. But wait… You just remembered! YOU’VE GOT TO SHAVE!
Even though you know that your legs will be prickly again the very next day, and you would have to start all over again. It’s not about whether your hair grows fast or slow. You might have to shave every day or once a week, but the thing is you can’t put it aside. You either shave or you get alienated by the society. So why not shave the right way? So instead of moving to more expensive alternatives you can learn how to get a better, more long lasting shave.

1. Use body oil every day.

Body oil not only softens your skin, but also softens the hair follicles, enabling you to get a deeper, better shave. Furthermore it also keeps the skin moisturized and in a very great condition. It also removes the prickly and papery skin.2. Use shaving gel.
Most people tend to use conditioner for shaving. The conditioner might soften the hair but it is not very slippery. It clogs the blades and would force to replace the razor more frequently. On the other hand shaving gel is the best possible substitute, as it is more slippery, it won’t clog the blades; moreover, it will enable your razor to have a longer life.

3. Change your blades regularly.

This comes without saying that the sharper your blades the better shave it will give. So if you fell that your skin is prickly even after the shave, it’s time to change the blades. A regular razor lasts around three to four shaves.

4. Shave your legs the last.

When in the shower wait for a little while before shaving. The warm water softens the hair and opens up the pores so the blade can easily reach the skin giving you a clean shave.
The longer you wait the better the shave.

5. Exfoliate

Use an exfoliator before shaving. It not only removes the dead skin cells but also prevent ingrown hair. Exfoliation before shaving helps the blades to get closer to the skin, and prevents clogs thus increasing the life of your blades.

6. Use men’s razor.

Apart from being cheaper, men’s razors are designed to shave the face. Faces are more prominent so these razors are designed to give a better outlook thus are sharper. They also have more blades as compared to the ladies razors. Remember that five blades are always better than three. And more blades reduce the pulling and tugging.

7. Shave downward then upwards.

Most people just put on the shaving gel and start shaving upwards. Well to get a clean smooth shave you should shave downwards first and then shave upwards. This helps to get a closer shave and is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. Never shave sideways unless you want painful and beauty reducing cuts.

8. While using a new blade go slowly.

Have a gentle hand whilst using a new blade. It will prevent cuts and other mishaps.

9. Bend your knees while shaving

Bending your knees helps to stretch the skin in the patella area. Stretched skin helps to shave thoroughly and reduces the chances of cuts.

10. Always replace the lids.

After use, make sure you put on the plastic cover that comes with the razor. It prevents the blades from debris and makes them last longer.

Shaving if done the right way not only makes you look pretty but it also helps you feel pretty, which is a real confidence booster. Smoothen and soften your legs with these tips to make them more stroke able. Shaved legs are not only sexy but they also seem more professional. i.e. if you are a working woman you have to wear formal dressing. In most formal work dresses legs are not covered and if you want to step up the corporate ladder, well, YOU’VE GOT TO SHAVE! Don’t hesitate to show your legs. Just shave the way it’s meant to be done.

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