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How To Fake Perfect Nails

Sometimes your skin, hair and nails are not it the best possible condition. During these moments you should find a way to fix the condition or to hide it. The second option is recommended for emergency situations. Imagine this scenario:

You are listening calmly to music, sitting on your couch, browsing the internet when your best friend calls you and beg you to go out this evening. It is not your desire or mood that stops you to answer immediately with a Yes, it is the bad condition of your nails. You are a embarrassed by your ugly nails, but we can easily change this mood with the tutorial down below. If you like it, you can create it with a few easy steps – your nails will look strong, healthy and well decorated. Take a look:

First, file the nails into an oval shape. Use a soft file and smooth the edges of the nail tip. It will be the best if your nails are long.

Then wash the hands and scratch with your nails a piece of cloth, like denim or towel. This simple trick will remove the leftovers of the filing.

Then paint the nails with a primer. Let it dry.

Apply white base to the nails. If it is not opaque, apply two layers. Try to be extra careful at the edges of the nail, because it will be visible afterwards.

When the white base is white and ready, you should apply nude color, which is the same as the color of your skin. Apply it at the center of the nail and leave a white line around it.

Then draw two curved lines at the moon area of the nail bed.

Contour the tip with the white color as well.

When every layer of nail polish is dry, you can lock the decoration with thick layer of top coat.

All done! Enjoy the great look of your nails!

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