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How to Fake a Face Lift with Makeup

You can use all of the contouring serums and anti-aging moisturizers you want, but if it’s instant results you’re seeking, then makeup is the key to lifting your face without any painful surgeries or expensive beauty procedures. Nowadays, anyone can pick a foundation and transform their skin in seconds. After all, why do you need to spend more than £10,000 on facelift surgery when you can give yourself a DIY version in under ten minutes using the makeup supplies you already have at home!

Firmer, tighter skin can be faked with primer. So, the first thing is to apply primer. Simply squeeze a bit of primer onto your finger and dab it all over.

Begin the face lifting by sweeping a matte powder bronzer that’s two shades darker than your skin back and forth only in the hollows. Fake the effects of liposuction along the jawline with matte bronzer. Apply the formula to the apples of your cheeks, and blend in with your fingers or using a soft blush brush.

To slim a wide nose, contour it with any taupe powder, blending the colour up toward the bridge and down near the cheek

For a fresh glow, dust a highlighter that’s two shades lighter than your skin right above your cheekbones, just above each brow, and on the tip of your nose. Avoid oil-free and matte foundations because they can accentuate lines and wrinkles!

To get rid of any bags under the eyes, make sure you apply hydrating products to give your skin a cushiony look. For an instant lift, apply a pink or peach-toned corrector under the eyes.

Finally, apply your favourite creamy lipstick. Make sure the colour is not too dark or too light. For bright, fresh and defined lips, line them with lip pencil after applying colour.

Fake Fuller Lips

The next thing you can try to create this face lifting effect is to make you lips look fuller. For this purpose you are going to need a lip liner that is the same color as your skin complexion or just a tone darker than it. You need to make sure you do not choose one that is too dark because the same effect will not be met.

Line the two sides of your lips creating the V-shape that is shown on the picture. Then you need to move on to applying liner on the Cupid’s bow. This time you need to reapply it to accentuate on it a bit more. Then you need to apply lip liner on this part of the bottom lip which is right under the Cupid’s bow. You need to reapply it as well.

The next thing you need to do to create the illusion of fuller lips is to connect the lines of the top and bottom lips. However, you need to draw them slightly outside the corners. This way your mouth will look broader. Just be careful not to create the lines too broadened.

Then you need to fill in your lips with lip liner to create the long-lasting effect of a lipstick and to choose a suitable lipstick. Another thing you could do here to create this fuller-lips effect is to apply some lip gloss on the center of both your upper and lower lips. This will not only make your lips shine, but it will also create ombre effect which will help your lips look fuller than they are.

Fake Eye Lift

The next step of the makeup face lifting is to focus on the eyes. And what better way to lift them up a little than using eyeliner? It is well-known that a person can change their eye shape a little using eyeliner. And the face lifting effect is no exception.

What you need to do is to choose suitable type of eyeliner. Personally, I think that gel liners are easier to work with and will not let you mess up your eye makeup. Then start applying the liner using an angled brush.

Apply it on your upper lash line starting a couple of millimeters inwards and not from the inner corner of the eye.

Once you apply eyeliner on the whole lash line without leaving blank space between the waterline and the lash line, you need to move on to creating the angle.

To create this lifting effect you need to create an angle. Start about half a centimeter inwards from the outer corner of your eye and create a slight angle that needs to be a 45-degree one. This second line needs to go slightly above the crease. Be careful not to make it too long.

Then you need to connect the top of this second line to the end of the first line you created, the lash line. And then all you have left to to is to fill in the blank space between the two lines.

And voila! The fake eye lift is ready!