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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Feet

When it comes to buying shoes a lot of women just prefer them to look good and have fashionable design instead of being comfortable. It is true that beautiful shoes make women feel attractive and sexy while wearing them, but sometimes it is better to listen to your feet instead of the fashion trends.

Some shoes may look incredible and be quite fashionable at the moment, but if you wear them and yet feel uncomfortable in them, what is the point of looking good?! If that is the case with you, do not worry, because there is an easy way to find the perfect shoes for you. Check out these small tricks which will help you with having to deal with uncomfortable shoes ever again.

Find out your foot shape

If you ask a random person about their foot shape, they will just stare at you shocked, because people in general think that foot shapes are universal. How can there be more than one kind of shoes?! In fact, there are. And that is why if you buy a pair of shoes which does not fit you well, but it is still your size, it is because of feet shape. Shoes are made to fit any kind of feet, but not all, though.

If you do not know your foot shape yet, here is a simple test to determine it. It is called the “wet test” and it is very easy to do. You just need a white sheet of paper, big enough to step in it. Get your foot wet. Then step over the sheet. You need to be standing and to put all your weight in a way on the sheet. When you remove your foot, you will see your footprint. This way you will determine what your foot shape is.

#1 Low arches

This is the first type of foot shape. If your foot print shows almost the entire sole of your foot, meaning that there is almost no arch in the middle part of the foot, then you have low arches, or flat feet. You should be very careful when choosing your shoes, because this type of feet often tend to get cramps when overdoing some physical activity. A lot of dancers complain about going through a lot of pain when putting too much pressure on their feet. If you have such type of feet, it is best to choose shoes with thick sole to protect your feet and shoes that will give you maximum support.

#2 High arches

As you can guess, the second type of feet shapes are the opposite of the first one. If, when looking at your footprint, you see only a narrow connection between the two parts of your foot (toe and heel), then this means you have high arches. And you should be just as careful as low-arched people when choosing the right type of shoes for you. It is important to choose shoes with very soft soles. The good thing about your foot is that you can at least put some paper or cotton where your arch is to reduce the pressure from it while walking.

#3 Neutral arches

Well, the last type of foot shape is the one which has neutral arches. If your footprint shows that you have a distinct curve between the upper and the lower parts of your feet, which is seen on the paper as well, then you have a neutral arch. And you are actually lucky, because this type of arch is the perfect one and will not cause you a lot of problems. You only need to choose shoes which have a mix of stability and comfort. This means they do not have to be too soft or too thick.