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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Use Baking Soda

One of the products in your own homemade pharmacy should be baking soda. Some of the health benefits include prevention of diarrhea, acidity, drug intoxication, metabolic acidosis and peptic ulcer. It has many antipruritic properties and it can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Old cures

• If you want to relieve muscle pain after a hard workout you should drink baking soda.
• If you want to destroy nail fungus and remove grime just apply a little bit of baking soda on a nail brush and scrub you nails.
• Combine 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of salt, peppermint essential oil and a little bit of water. Then soak them for approximately 20 minutes and the itching, odor and soreness will be relieved.
• If you want fresh breath just gargle a little bit of baking soda.
• You can brush your teeth with baking soda, just add a little bit on your tooth brush. It is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth

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Homemade recipe for acidity

If you want to reduce acid reflux you should make alkaline environment in your organism. You should combine ¼ to ½ teaspoons of baking soda along with 2 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you want instead of lemon juice you can add apple cider vinegar. Remember to use a tall glass because it will fizz and foam. Wait for the foam to settle and then add 230 ml. of water and drink the mixture. This drink will neutralize your pH, protect stomach acid and reduce acidosis.


Remember that every recipe that includes baking soda is not recommended for children under the age of 5 or pregnant women.

You should also be careful while using baking soda along with other prescribed medications. You should consult with a doctor before starting any treatment.

Always dissolve baking soda before using. Never use it in powdered form.