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DIY Natural Eyebrow Tint

This article is about the perfect frame that shapes your beautiful look. While the logical assumption might be your big eyes or your full lips, it is actually the brows that hold the highest value. The eyebrows are actually one of those personal features that make the whole makeup absolutely amazing and looking finished. However, not everyone is blessed with full eyebrows.

Are your eyebrows too light to see? Would you like your eyebrows to be a darker shade without dying them with harsh chemicals? Then this tutorial will show you how to get a natural eyebrow tint using coffee grounds and cocoa powder!

Step 1: Start by placing two table spoons a finely ground coffee or instant espresso in a bowl.

Step 2: Next up, add one table spoon cocoa powder inside the bowl. Be sure to mix thoroughly so the colour deposits evenly!

Step 3: The next thing you need to add to the mixture is two table spoons coconut oil. This yields a paste-like texture that’s easy to smooth on and stays in place. Stir it until it is completely mixed.

Step 4: To ensure that the mixture won’t fall off your arches, add some grit to the consistency with honey. One table spoon honey would be enough. Stir until completely mixed. Allow the mixture to sit for about two minutes so the ingredients can bind together.

Step 5: Next up, using an angled brush, carefully apply tint to the brows in your desired shape. Be extra careful not to draw outside the lines! Feel free to layer on the tint until you’ve achieved your desired colour.

Step 6: Wait for at least 20 minutes before washing your eyebrows. The longer you wait, the darker a tint you’ll get.

Step 7: You can now remove the tint using a wet cotton swab. This process could get messy, so proceed with caution. Now you can admire your lovely eyebrows!