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DIY Beauty Hacks

Every girl needs some shortcuts to beautiful look. Here are some ideas:

If you want to make your lips look bigger instantly, you can put a drop of peppermint oil in your favorite lip gloss. The peppermint will irritate the skin, which will bring the blood closer to the surface and the lips will pump up a little bit. And it all will look absolutely natural. Clever, huh?

I’m sure that you already know the trick for the bigger and longer lashes, but I will remind it again – the baby powder on the lashes before the application of the mascara. Works like a charm.


When you apply your dark lipstick, for better looking cupid’s bow, draw an X with the lip liner before the application of the lipstick.


You can save some money by skipping the appointments at the beauty salon for trimming your damaged ends. You can easily do it yourself at home by applying this trick: take a strand, twist it and cut the sticking hairs with sharp scissors.

And here is the recipe for homemade dry shampoo: 6-10 drops of essential oil; 2 tbsp corn starch; 2 tbsp rice flour; 2 tbsp arrowroot powder. Voila!


To make a perfect french manicure, use a rubber band as a guideline. Only in case you don’t have stickers nearby. The stickers are the best for this job, but the rubber band works perfectly as a substitute.

A trick for fast-dry of your nail polish is to spritz them with cooking spray. This trick will also prevent cracks.

If you have bruises, wounds or some other skin damages, treat them with mouthwash, because they are highly antibacterial.

You can remove makeup from shirt collar with shaving cream. Wipe it off with damp cloth. Don’t worry, it won’t harm the fabric.