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Curled Bun Hairstyle

Voluminous, shiny curls are the easiest way to glam up your bun look. But if you weren’t blessed with them naturally, thankfully, there are some super easy ways to get them.

Preparation: Turn on the curling iron and heat it up. It’s best to go with the lowest temperature that does the job. This is going to damage your hair less. Then, brush your hair to make sure there are no tangles or your curls won’t form properly. Since you are about to use a styling wand, it is very important to apply a heat protection spray. This way your hair will be protected from split ends, breakage, dryness and lack of luster. Apply a heat protection spray to your hair to add shine and prevent damage at high temperatures.

Step 1: Next, wrap your section of hair around the barrel. The protective cool tip provides you with a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl, and the built-in safety stand allows you to place the wand down securely during styling.

Step 2: Continue wrapping other sections of your hair around the wand until you have curled all hair pieces. Gently hold the hair around the barrel for a few seconds to create consistent, free-flowing curls with a silky and shiny finish.

Step 3: Use a comb to gently brush out curls and tease the crown to give your hair a bit of lift. Use hairspray to secure the volume.

Step 4: Take all curls and start twisting and wrapping them to form a bun.

Step 5: Then, secure with bobby pins to keep the bun from falling.

Step 6: Finish your lovely curled bun hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep it from falling apart. You can put an ornament or hair accessory to make the hairstyle more elegant and stylish for the upcoming event.