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Bra Hacks That Every Girl Must Know

Wearing a bra may look like a piece of cake, but if you think about it, there are some unwritten rules that women must always follow if they do not want to look sleazy or tacky. Men probably think that there is nothing special about choosing a bra. Their rules are that it should be sexy, it should be easy to unbutton, and to be sexy (again). But there is much more to a bra than what men think. A woman cannot simply buy a cropped dress without thinking what bra will look good with it. It could show through one place or another, so women have to be careful. That is why we have prepared for you the best bra hacks that every girl must know.

Tip 1

Imagine that you went shopping and you found the best dress possible. It is cheap and it fits you like a glove. It appears that everything is perfect about it, but not so fast. The first time you wear it you realize that the dress has loops which are used for hanging the dress on a hanger. But these loops do not stay where they are supposed to. They may show up in the heat of the night when you are dancing or talking to that cute guy you have just met. It is needless to say that is unattractive and people notice it. Such a thing, no matter how small and insignificant is, draws away the attention from the conversation. There are two ways you can cope with this problem. The first is to tuck them under your bra. It will hold them and they will not stick out again. The second way you can hide them is to tie a metal stud on them. It will make them heavier and they will not show up.

Tip 2

When you are at home, there is not a problem to look messy and your bra straps to be seen under your top, but when you go out, no matter whether you go to work or are meeting your friends, you have to be very with these tricky bra straps. You can never be absolutely sure that they will not decide to expose themselves. Well, not unless you do not try this special sewing trick. Add a small attachment on the inner side of your top which to hold the straps of your bras by a small button. This way your bra straps will not show up again.

Tip 3
The previous tip was perfect for tops with straps that are big enough for the bra straps to hide under them. But it will not help if the back of the top is cropped. There is not a chance for the bra to be hidden, but you should also not wear it like this. There is still a solution of the problem. No, you should not throw away your top, instead try some of these fast and effective tips.

The first one is that you still have a bra, still have a strap, but the strap should not stay where it is supposed to. Leave only one of your straps, but instead of the standard way of attaching it, do this: make almost a complete circle around your chest with the strap right under your breasts and tuck the strap on the back side of it. This way you will not have any straps that you need to worry about, but at the same time your bra (and breasts) will stay in their position all night.

Tip 4

Backless dresses are absolutely gorgeous, but not if one does not choose a bra that will fit it perfectly. Hard thing to do for a backless dress. Do not worry, because there is something you can do about it as well. Just sew a bra that you have stopped wearing in the dress. You will need only the cups of the bra, so cut the rest of it with a pair of sewing scissors. Make sure that you do not harm the cups. And if you are not good at sewing, you may also use glue. Your breasts will be in place, your dress will be flawless, and you will be able to enjoy your time.

Tip 5

Now you know some of the best tips for wearing bras, but what do we know about taking care of it? Washing bras should be done by hand if you want to protect your bras. And if you really do not have time, or desire, to do this by hand, at least when you are washing your bras in a washing machine, set the machine to washing delicate fabrics. And when you put your clean bras in a drawer do not fold them so that the cups remain nice and round, the way you bought them. You could even have a special drawer only for your bras. It will help maintain their shape and your drawer be quite tidy.