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Beauty Procedures for Your Nails

We all know that the dark nail polishes cause dark nails, which is not an option at all. Either you will have to wear dark nail polish all your life or you will have to walk around with ugly and stained nails. I want to show several procedures for your nails that will whiten them, which will make them look good. Let’s start with something simple. Take a look at all of the methods and the tips:

The easiest way to whiten your nails is to put whitening toothpaste on them. Take an old toothbrush and rub the paste into the nails. This trick works like a charm.
You can prepare a homemade whitening paste for nails as well. You will need only baking soda and lemon juice. Squeeze half of a lemon into a bowl and then add a lot of baking soda so you will create a nice rubbing paste. You can scrub the nails again with an old toothbrush for better effect. Keep in mind that the lemon might irritate your fingers if there are any cuts or open skin around the nail bed. Be careful with that one.
And one last tip that will not whiten up your nails, but it will prevent the yellowing and darkening part – it will keep your nails beautiful and fresh all the time. And the tip is to apply base coat every time you put nail polish on your nails, even when the nail polish is not dark-colored. Any color might harm your nails.

These are my precious tips, follow them and apply the beauty nail procedures regularly in order to keep your nails in good condition. And don’t forget to apply a primer, this is an important thing to do when your nails are already in good condition. Have fun and come back for more great ideas and designs. See you soon!

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