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Beauty Hack: Natural Way to Get Dimples Fast

A person having dimples readily becomes a center of attraction anywhere and many of us have a strong desire to have those intolerably cute dents on our cheeks. They are incredibly pretty and stand as a sign of innocence and also play a part in amplifying the level of beauty. I still remember the little girl next to me when I was a child, the charming smiling face with two dimples at both cheeks that every girl was “jealous”, and wonder why I don’t have that.

Dimples are actually developed due to the presence of shortened muscles inside the flesh of our cheeks which creates an indentation on the skin whenever it makes a movement like while smiling or laughing. Dimples are basically related to genetic factors, therefore, it can be concluded that an individual possessing dimple may have inherited them from his parents or ancestors. But for people born without usual dimples, it’s so eager and obsessed for us to behold this gifted feature. Some of us even would love to mimic their appearance by temporary makeup or surgery.



Have a quick glance at the easy steps given below or you can also check out the video provided for better results.

– Mark the area of the cheek where you wish to have dimples using an eyeliner or a pen.

– Massage the concerned area gently with your fingers.

– Start poking the area inside, using the round end of your makeup brush or lip liner. Perform it for two to three minutes.

– Take the cap of a cold drink and fix it with the skin of your cheeks from inside as directed in the video. Then suck the cap carefully otherwise, it will slip into your throat.

– Finally contour the particular area with eyeshadow or blusher to make them look deeper and natural.

– Try to perform the steps daily for ten minutes to get the desired outcome.


Youtube CookIeMonster Shows us several tricks to get dimples at home. I would love to change the appearance once in a while with the trick for party, or photo shooting. Let’s watch this exciting video and get results.