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Beach Twists – Your New Summer Hairstyle

Hey, hey! Do you hear this? The waves of the beach and your next summer holiday are just around the corner! You pack your flip flops, you take your favourite outfits, grab your most stylish bathing suit and pick that lovely summer hat. Yet, your bag seems to be lacking space and that’s when you start to panic – there is not enough room to take your curling iron to style those beach waves which will go so well with the summer season. Well, you don’t need to use damaging curling irons for this tutorial to work! All you need is a small rubber band to hold your twisted locks and that is it!

Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to easily create this look in just a few simple steps! Now scroll down and see what you need to do!

Step 1: Take a relatively small section of your hair from one side of your hair, near the hair line. Then, divide this section into two equal strands and prepare for twisting!

Step 2: Holding the two strands in your hands, start twisting each one around itself.

Step 3: Then, grab a small strand from the side, twist it slightly and incorporate it with the other two to form a braid.

Step 4: Continue grabbing and incorporating new strands from the rest of hair to form the braid down your neck.

Step 5: It depends on you where you want to end the braid but try not to go all the way towards the neck.

Step 6: When you are done braiding, add a clear rubber band to secure the braid. Then, create a similar braid on the other side and tie these two braids together with another hair band.

Step 7: Now, take the braids and flipped them though. This would create a natural look. Now take a rest because you have a lovely hairstyle for the beach!