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Amazing Design For a Daily Look

Sometimes you need something to boost up your mood. It can be a nice cup of tea, or browsing your vacation photos, but one of the best things that make me feel better is the time when I look good. In order to achieve that, I like to experiment with new makeup designs and tricks. That’s exactly what we are going to do now – let’s create the perfect liner with the perfect makeup design. Take a look at the steps:

It is all about the good preparation and background. That’s an essential step of the makeup application. The background includes: good skin condition and good shape of the eyebrows.

Then, prepare the canvas for the makeup –apply a primer, which must be oil-free and tinted, if you want to get the right look.

Cover both of the lids – the top and the bottom, with dark pink (velvet pink) eyeshadow, or kohl pencil. At first sight, it seems to be inappropriate color for the eyes, but when you draw the next decoration, you will see that this color is the right choice for this makeup design. It is a great, natural-looking background color.

Once this background color is all set and ready, you should draw the black eyeliner. It must be thick and the wing must be long. Don’t apply the black color on the bottom lash line.

Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

One final step, which you can make at the beginning as well – shaping and filling the brows with color.

If you like this design, you should come back more often, in order to find some new ideas and inspirations for your whole look – nails, hairstyle, makeup, and ever fashion tips. If you want to share something, pin us or write a comment, we’d love to hear what your opinion is. Have fun!

amazing design for a daily look