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8 Tips On How To Wear High Heels Like a Real Lady

There is nothing funnier than women who wear high heels, but can’t walk in them.
In order to feel confident and comfortable in your new shoes and walk like a real model, check out these 8 tips!

1. Step with the heel first and then with the toes
To make your tempo seem natural, first step on the ground with the heel and then with the fingers. When you lean with your whole weight on the ground, push yourself forward to make another step.


2. Make smaller steps
To be elegant, it is necessary to make small and slower steps and shouldn’t bend your knees more than you do. If you walk as usual, it will look unnatural when you’re in high heels.


3. Walk following a straight line
If you want to walk like a real model, just imagine one straight line and walk along it strictly. The legs should go one in front of the other, and swing your hips a little bit. For this you will need some practice, but it’s worth it.


4. Give your feet a break
If you want to wear high heels all day, take a break from time to time, if you do not want pain. However, you should not remove your shoes because tired legs swell, so it will be painful when you try to put them back on. Therefore try to sit down from time to time, but don’t take the heels off.


5. Practice at home
Practice walking at home, and scratch the soles of the shoes a bit to make them less slippery.
Your shoes need to be comfortable, because otherwise you’ll feel terrible pain. Spread your shoes so you can wear woolen socks and wear them 10 minutes a day.

6. Straight back
Women should always have the right posture. Straighten your shoulders, and the chin should be parallel to the floor. This way your abs will be tightened, your stomach flat and you will look leaner.


7. Choose the appropriate size
Nothing will save your feet if you buy shoes that are too tight. If you have to choose between larger ones and tight heels, choose larger, since you can always add insoles, while you can’t do anything with shoes that are too tight.


8. Do not wear high heels very often
There are various models of high heels, but still give preference to comfortable and flat shoes. Constantly wearing high heels can harm your health.