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8 Genius Beauty Tips From Around The World

Try these awesome beauty tips sourced from around the globe to get gorgeous hair, skin, and nails!

Wash your hair with rosemary water to remove product build up without drying it out. Lots of sudsy shampoos can dry your hair out. Rosemary is a natural conditioner that can boost shine and help relieve dry, itchy scalp.

Ivory Coast
“Women all over West Africa use shea butter to soften their skin,” New York City model and Ivory Coast native Nina Keita told Women’s Health. You can also use it as a hair mask for an ultra silky mane.

So that’s how the French stay so gorgeous. Beauty and Tips recommends pouring two to three cups of whole milk (regular cream works, too) into your bath; the lactic acid is a gentle exfoliator.

Mash up an avocado and use it to moisturize dry cuticles. Avocado is one of the best natural moisturizers for skin, and it’s packed with a ton of vitamins.

Mash up red grapes and mix it with white flour to create a face mask. Apply a thin coat of the mask on your face for a few minutes, then rise it off before it starts to harden. The antioxidants in red grapes help your skin glow.

Costa Rica
Add a tablespoon of honey to your regular conditioner to instantly make a hydrating deep conditioner. Honey helps soften hair and it promotes hair growth!

You can use it as a face mask, or just slather your entire body with it to reduce inflammation and make your skin super soft.

New Zealand
You can take a spoonful of this superfood to boost your immune system and your energy,or use it as a moisturizer to soothe and heal your skin.