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7 Easy Steps to Shape Your Brows

Many women do not realize that their eyebrows are their face feature which can be easily changed. As a result this will change the way your face look. Something so little can do great changes with your face. If you do not believe in this, than try an experiment. Draw your brows in different shapes.

Use a brow pencil to make them bigger, and some white powder to cover them to make them smaller. You will see how different your face will look. And this is only because of the shape of your eyebrows. So, it is very important to keep your eyebrows under control. Here are 7 tips about shaping your eyebrows you need to know. Check them out!

#1 Get used to waxing after shower

A lot of people recommend tweezing your eyebrows after a shower, because it would be less painful. When taking hot showers your pores open which would help with the less painful removal of the brows. And it will also be easier for you to pluck them. There are some women, however, who forget about plucking their brows since they have a lot of beauty procedures after the shower. The only way you can get used to it is to turn it into a habit. Keep reminding yourself that you need to pluck your brows until you turn it into a habit.

#2 Get good tweezers

Sometimes you can buy good tweezers that are not very expensive. However, it is important to pluck your brows using good tweezers. Good tweezers are the ones that grab onto the hairs and which would not let go them easily. This way it would be fast, less painful and you will shape them perfectly.

#3 Do not over-pluck

It is very important to find the perfect brow shape for your face. If you have small face, for example, thick and big eyebrows will not suit your face. However, you should also not pluck too much of your eyebrows. So, remember about the good old trick with the pencil.

Place it vertically from the outer part of your nostrils up to your eyebrows. This is where your eyebrows should begin from. Do not make the mistake a lot of women make – to have eyebrows which begin a couple of centimeters from where they are supposed to.

You should also remember not to make your brows too thin as well. The width of your brows should be more than just a line with two hairs, which is another common mistake women make.

#4 Find where your arch should be

If you found it easy to find the beginning of your eyebrows, you would be glad to know that finding your arch is even easier than it. The arch of your brow is this the part of it which is the highest one. It should always be in the center of your brows. It is easy to find where the center of your eyebrows is. Just see where the pupils of your eyes are when you are looking straight ahead.

#5 Never pluck your brows on top

You should only pluck hairs from underneath your brows and never from the top part of it. Believe it or not, there are a lo of women who still do it. This makes their look smaller and closed. Not to mention that it is aesthetically not looking good. If you are afraid that your brow hairs are too long and this would ruin the shape of your brows, do not pluck them, but just cut them a little on the top. This way you will be best able to shape your brows.

#6 Pluck slowly

When you are plucking your brows, you should always follow one simple rule: after every three hairs you pluck step back and take a look at your brows. When you are staring from a small distance at your brows you may not be able to see the overall picture of your eyebrows. That is why you need to pluck your brows slowly, taking time to see how your brows look from a distance. This way you will prevent yourself from plucking brows accidentally. Even a couple of hairs can change the shape of your brows, so be careful not to make this mistake.

#7 Do not aim for symmetry

Many people think that if you want to have beautiful eyebrows, you need to make them look exactly the same. This assumption is wrong. Never try to make your brows look exactly the same, because this will make your face look strange. Your brows should look like sisters, not twins, because your own face has made them different in a way. And thus making them look exactly the same would only make your face look strange and unnatural.