5 Winter Makeup Essentials Women Need to Know about


When it comes to beauty trends, there are two main ones every year – summer and winter ones. It goes for both fashion and makeup trends. This is mainly because the temperatures and the amount of sunlight are very different from the winter to the summer season. And it is no surprise that they are used for inspiration for fashion and beauty trends.

The difference between the season affects not only the colors, but also the consistency of the makeup products that one uses. And since winter is coming, the beauty products which one needs to use at this time of the year should be such designed to prepare one’s skin and hair for the climatic conditions.

Today we have listed for you some makeup tips about the essential products one should wear at this time of the year to be both fashionable and gentle to their body. Check them out!

#1 Long lasting foundation instead of BB cream

In the summer women need to wear some foundation with lighter consistency which will not clog your pores and will not make you feel warmer and sweatier. That is why BB creams are better to be used in the summer. And in the winter there is no need to wear such kind of foundation consistency.

You can wear long lasting foundation which will also help protect your skin from the cold winter weather. People do not sweat so much in the winter, thus their foundation will remain on place without smudging.

#2 Dark blushes instead of peachy or rose ones

The next thing which a woman should consider applying in the winter is highlighter instead of rosy or peach blush. Since winter is all about dark colors and summer is all about bright and vibrant ones, it is no surprise that even different kinds of blushes need to be used have to be darker. You could pay more attention to contouring and face-sculpting when you apply makeup in the winter.

#3 Smoky eye instead of sheer shades

The next part of the makeup routine is connected to eye makeup. This part of one’s makeup can break or make them and that is why it is very important to make sure one’s eye makeup is really good. When it comes to the types of eye makeup popular in the winter, there is no doubt about it that it is some dark smoky eye.

Even if one chooses warmer tones, it will still be fine if the makeup is smoky one, whereas lighter eye makeup with sheer shades is more suitable for the warmer months of the year. It will be more suitable.

#4 Dark lips instead of nude ones

I personally love nude lips, but sometimes there is no need to wear only nudes all the year round. In the winter a woman could wear some more dark lipstick colors. You could wear dark reds, dark browns, and even purple and black lipstick. You could experiment this way with your style and find out whether such exotic colors look good on you, or do not.

#5 Dark nail polish instead or light one

The same rule, for wearing dark makeup colors in the winter, applies for the next item in our list – nail polish. There are, of course, different nail polish colors which are suitable for the winter. Such ones are nudes and dark colors.

You could wear whichever type you want, or whichever suits your style and personal preferences better. It is best to give up wearing bright nail polish colors for the current season and to leave these colors for the warmer months of the year, when they will be in alignment with the weather.

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