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5 Hair and Makeup Trends That We Should Leave Behind In 2017

As another year draws to a close, there are more than a few beauty trends we’re feeling ready to move on from. It’s not them—it’s us.

Natural eyebrows instead of painted ones
In 2017, natural and even ever-so-slightly messy eyebrows are set to replace the perfect contoured lines of yesteryear. Thickness, on the other hand, will still be the ideal.

Doll-like eyelashes are in, natural ones are out

2017 is set to be the year of long, puffy, doll-like eyelashes. Remember to stock up on the heavy eyeliner and perhaps some fake lashes for when the situation requires it.

Glossy lipstick will replace matte lipstick

Matte lipsare being replaced by glossy lipsticks next year. These are sure to give your lips volume and make them look even more seductive.

Fine curls instead of retro waves

One of the main trends when it comes to hair next year is said to be small curls and waves created using tongs or small-diameter curlers. It’s goodbye to large retro-style waves!

Tightly coiled hair instead of messy style

The messy hair buns we enjoyed wearing in 2016 won’t be big next year. The only thing that will be left is a much more tight, neater version, as well as seashell-shaped hair.