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5 Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know

People think that when September comes, the end of the summer is already here. Not so fast, guys, because you know that summer can often surprise us and last longer than we may expect. So, do not be in a hurry to lock up all your summer clothes in the wardrobe to wait for you until the next summer comes. The same goes for the beauty products you will use. There will be still some more hot days during which we would wish to follow some of the beauty summer tips that will help our makeup stay on our face and not smear. Here are the best beauty tips every girl must try for the summer even if it is about to be over.


Eyeliner trick

Eyeliner is one of the beauty products that women adore. It could drag the attention to a lady’s eyes and it could change the shape of her eyes or exaggerate it. But some women have difficulties with making the perfect shape they want. And if you have ever had such difficulties then you will love this tip. You will just need scotch tape. Stick it where you want your eyeliner to be. Even if you mess it up and go over the scotch type, you will just remove the tape and your eyeliner will be just the way you want it to be. Easy, fast and not messy.


Dry mascara tip

Another of the makeup products women love to use is mascara because it makes their lashes longer and darker, and thus their looks becomes more attractive. However, some women do not apply mascara every day. They either take breaks or do not think it is that necessary. But once you open a mascara, it is in touch with air, and it gets drier and drier with the more time passage, no matter whether you are using the mascara or not. The good news is that there is a great trick that can fight dry mascara. If you have not used your mascara for a long time, just put a couple of drops of red eye drops. It will immediately make the mascara liquid, and you can use it until the mascara is over.

Make your eyes bigger

Since we are still talking about eye tips which will make them look more attractive, it is time to mention another great beauty tip a lot of women have no idea it may work like magic and it is quite simple. All you have to do is change your eye pencil. Most women use black ones – the most traditional ones, but if you want to make your eyes look bigger, start using white eye pencil. If black color shrinks, white makes it bigger. That is why people wear black clothes when they want to look slimmer, and white ones when they want to add extra pounds to their weight. The same goes for eye pencil.

Longer lasting lipstick

Probably every woman has had such a problem. Wherever a woman goes, she will either drink or eat, or kiss that cute boy she has been starring all night. In other words, lipstick is this part of a woman’s makeup that needs to be reapplied most often. Needless to say, it is quite annoying and women do not remember to do it as often as they should. And that is why they need to try this tip for longer a lasting lipstick. First, apply your lipstick. Then get a tissue and apply it over your lips. Do not press it too hard, just a little. Then by using a powder brush, apply some of your powder on your lips, just the way it is covered with the tissue. The powder will seal the color of the lipstick and your lips will not need that much attention during the night.

Learn when your makeup products expire

If you are not one of the people who apply makeup daily, then you are probably stuck with some makeup products you use after their expiration date. The first thing you need to do when you find such makeup product is to throw it away. That is why when you buy makeup products you need to be aware of their expiration period. For example, an eye pencil expires from 18 to 24 months after you have started using it, even if it looks you may use it much longer. After all how much eye pencil you need to apply it on your eyes? But keep in mind that if you cannot even remember the time you bought your pencil, it is about time to throw it.

There are two makeup products that have the same expiration period, so you will remember them more easily if they are put in the same group. These are lipstick and powder. They expire from 12 to18 months after you have opened them.

The product which expiration date comes first is the mascara. It is good for usage for only 3 to 4 months. While the product that a person can use the longest is concealer. You can use it for 2 years. As for the foundation, expiration dates vary from 6 to 12 months.