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20+ Amazing and Simple Nail Designs You Can Easily Do At Home

Hands are one of the most important and beautiful assets of a woman – and they also happen to be one of the first things men notice about women! This is why it is important for your nails to be clean, properly maintained and freshly painted, not only for special events and occasions – but all the time! If you have a busy work schedule and you cannot afford to waste two or three hours at the nail salon, then here you will find 20+ nail designs that you can do yourself, in the privacy of your own home:

20+ Amazing and Simple Nail Designs You Can Easily Do At Home

1. Splatter Paint Nails

Splatter Paint Nails

Splatter designs will never go out of fashion: simple, long lasting and effortless, this nail design is the perfect choice for the artist inside of you!

2. Lightning Nails

Lightning Nails

Are you tired of the same nail color and design every girl is wearing? Then the lightning nails are a great choice if you want to express your individuality in a creative manner.

3. Graffiti Nails

Graffiti Nails

If you are feeling a bit artsy today, then the graffiti nails will certainly appeal to you. Besides, you can create this outstanding nail design with just about any combination of nail polish colors.

4. Simple And Chic

Simple And Chic

Less is the new more, and this concept applies to nails as well. Here is a collection of chic, yet simple and very appealing easy nail designs that you can treat yourself to.

5. Wear Your Heart On Your Nails This Valentine

Wear Your Heart On Your Nails This Valentine

Valentine’s day is less than two months away, and if you want an exquisite nail design, then you should certainly try this nail-shaped French manicure.

6. Glittery Snowflake Nails

Glittery Snowflake Nails

This is the season to be chic and trendy, and if you want to exude happiness and optimism through every pore and nail, then this glittery snowflake design will certainly get the job done.

7. Santa Hat Nails

Santa Hat Nails

Are you tired of the same old classic French manicure? Now you can get your own French manicure with a bit of a twist – one that matches the season!

8. Matte And Glittery Nails

Matte And Glittery Nails

Never underestimate the power of combining matte nails with glittery ones! Here is a simple and fun tutorial that will help you do just that.

9. The Ombre Nails


This pretty polish idea is a particularly fashionable one, as it teaches you how to get Ombre nails – and the Ombre effect certainly seems to be very popular these days.

10. Turquoise And Gold Nails

Turquoise And Gold Nails

There is nothing more beautiful than turquoise nails with splatters of gold around them – they look both classic and luxurious at the same time.

11. Ombre Nails Part Two

Ombre Nails Part Two

This is a different tutorial for Ombre nails, as it teaches you how to gradually increase the intensity of the nail polish from your pinky to your thumb.

12. Get Perfectly Shaped Nails This Season

Get Perfectly Shaped Nails This Season

If you have always had a difficult time finding the perfect shape for your nails, then this tutorial will certainly come in handy for you.

13. Cute Panda Nails

Cute Panda Nails

Is there anything more adorable than a Panda nail design? Not only is this nail design idea very original, but you will be amazed to see just how easy it is to make it as well!

14. Newspaper-Design Nails

Newspaper Design Nails

This is the perfect idea for journalists who want to take their passion for their profession to the next level. A very cute and in-depth tutorial!

15. Hot Scalloped Nails

hot Scalloped Nails

Sometimes, the simplest nails also happen to be the hottest and the most attractive ones – and this tutorial will teach you how to make the best of them.

16. Flower Patterns

Flower Patterns

Everybody loves flowers, but have you ever thought just how amazing it would be to draw them on a completely black background?

17. Tie-Dyed Nails

Tie-Dyed Nails

Forget everything you knew about painting your nails – this tie-dyed nails tutorial will redefine the way you see color combinations for good!

18. Rainbow Nails For Sunny Days

Rainbow Nails For Sunny Days

Rainbow nails are so cute and versatile that you can wear them regardless of the season – they are even perfect for the winter season, too!

19. Rainbow Water Marble

Rainbow Water Marble

If you are passionate about intense colors and rainbows, then you will quickly fall in love with this tutorial for rainbow water marble nails!

20. Easy Splatter Nails

Easy Splatter Nails

This simple and straightforward tutorial for easy splatter nail designs will help you save a lot of time, money and trouble.

21. Spring Daisy Nails

Spring Daisy Nails

Everything comes back to life in spring, and your nails should certainly be no exception to the rule! Here is a great spring daisy nail design for you.

22. Hearts Everywhere!

Hearts Everywhere

Combining red and white for your nail design is one of the chicest and most inspired things you can do this winter. Here is a heart design with a twist!

23. Futuristic Manicure In Five Easy Steps

Futuristic Manicure In Five Easy Steps

Last, but now least, this is how you can get a unique and innovative manicure in five simple steps – and you will certainly be like no other!