Walking into a salon and asking for a French manicure isn’t new or groundbreaking in any way. The style has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular looks for anyone looking for a timeless, classy mani. Even though it’s a traditional design, it has inspired many modern nail enthusiasts and sparked a number of creative, unique twists over the years. Here are some of the prettiest updates on a true classic that will have you running to your nail tech for a fun, new look!

1. Matte V

Create a unique look with different tip shapes and polish textures.

Instagram | @nailsbymztina

2. Black & Blue

Combining two bold colors into a geometric-inspired design is another great alternative.

Instagram | @getnailed_by_karina

3. Glitter

You can never go wrong with a glittery French tip!

Instagram | @christianails

4. Bejeweled

A colorful palette is perfectly complemented with pretty jewel accents.

Instagram | @akyish

5. Lovely

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, adding a splash of seasonal flair can take your French mani to the next level!

Instagram | @scrollmasterflash

6. Triangle

You don’t have to overcomplicate your design to make it stand out! Simply changing the shape and size of a traditional tip can make a world of difference.

Instagram | @nailartbyfrida

7. Navy

I’ve always loved this look. It’s so bold and dramatic!

Instagram | @bliss_nail_aktau

8. Ombré Tips

If you’ve mastered the ombré technique, why not test out your skills with this look?

Instagram | @thenailtrail

9. Floating

This is another example of a unique French manicure that makes a statement but isn’t hard to create.

Instagram | @thenailtrail

10. Geometric

A design created with black polish would be perfect for a sophisticated evening out on the town!

Instagram | @squarednail

11. Vanilla

While many associate the term vanilla with plain or boring, this mani is anything but that! It combines funky colors and a unique accent nail to create the ultimate spin on a French mani.

Instagram | @caramelka_93

12. Hearts

Here is another great idea for Valentine’s day! It’s also perfect for anyone who loves the sassy pin-up look.

Instagram | @diablorose

13. Mother Of Pearl

The polish chosen for this look is fun and loud, but the addition of pearl accents gives it a classy, timeless vibe.

Instagram | @cutepolish

14. Grey Ombré

Here is another way to utilize the insanely popular ombré trend in your manicures.

Instagram | @bbpolishd

15. Ruffian

This final look turns a classic French mani on its head to create an equally stunning design.

Instagram | @liliumzz
Main image via Instagram / @scrollmasterflash

Collage images via 1. Instagram / @cutepolish 2. Instagram / @liliumzz 3. Instagram / @squarednail