I am obsessed with makeup. When I find someone who loves makeup as much as I do, it’s like there is an instant connection between us. I don’t care if I know you for two minutes, we can bond over how amazing the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is. Like seriously, it’s amazing!

We makeup fanatics have each other’s backs. There is a huge online community of us, and it’s so cool to see the makeup looks that people try out. Aside from that, we also can relate to some memes that are about our makeup addiction. These pictures are hilarious because they are so relatable. I’m not afraid to say so! Check out these 15 beauty realities that you probably relate to.

1. You like me! You really like me!

Instagram | @hudabeauty

2. It’s pretty easy to get carried away, but who wouldn’t want to glow this bright?

Instagram | @monakattan

3. Even though this is so annoying, you have to wet your beauty blender. A dry one is so useless.

Instagram | @alohaa.makeup

4. That foundation alone probably costs around $60.00. Fact.

Instagram | @makeuplolz

5. Even though you intended for your winged liner to be thin, it can sometimes turn out like this. At least you had good intentions.

6. When you’re so obsessed with highlighters that you forgot what an actual highlighter is. Let’s be real, though, makeup highlighters are the only highlighters that matter.

Instagram | @alohaa.makeup

7. Slaying from beyond the grave

You want to be remembered as the goddess that you are.

Instagram | @makeuplolz

8. Eye makeup looks are a lot harder than they look. Practice makes perfect.

Instagram | @dancing.platypus

9. This is the only baking you love to do. Yaaas, bake those under eyes!

Instagram | @makeuplolz

10. Who cares?! I mean, at least they are using the makeup they own.

Instagram | @makeuplolz

11. You know how powerful makeup is. With a little contouring, you can look like Kim Kardashian. #goals.

Instagram | @beautymemes

12. Seriously! Don’t touch, smudge, or rub. It took hours to get this face to look on fleek.

Instagram | @beautymemes

13. Literally me all the time. But they are all so different. Seriously, they are. I mean, yeah some of them look similar, but it makes me feel a lot better if I say they are different.

Instagram | @trevina_tadros

Everyone wants big lips. Thankfully, overlining your lips can do the trick. Sometimes!

Instagram | @kyliejenner

14. Kylie has got us looking like a mess out here. Thanks, boo!

15. Hold it in!

Instagram | @makeuplolz

Which meme is your favorite? Comment to let us know!