Of all the trending colors this fall, plum is definitely one of my favorites. Plum can range from a bright purple-pink shade, to a deep purple, and it’s always stunning! As a lover of dark and moody shades, plum is perfect! Because it’s such a rich color, even the lighter shades still look dramatic. I am in love with this color, and after looking at these moody manicures, you will be too!

1. These floral accent nails almost look like plums! So cute.

Ink361 | @lieve91

2. Gold accents are the perfect touch!

Instagram | @nailboxco

3. This solid plum shade is stunning!

4. I love that the shape of the striping tape almost matches the shape of the nail on this manicure.

tumblr | inessilveira

5. This deep plum shade looks great with a matte top coat.

Instagram | @claire_gwynne

6. You can never go wrong with a glitter accent nail.

Instagram | @nailenvybyjennifer

7. I am in LOVE with this manicure!

8. This deep plum shade is divine!

tumblr | unasy-esmalte

9. This pumpkin plum mani is perfect for fall.

10. Plum looks great with gold AND silver!

Instagram | @nailsbywendy

11. These glitter accents look perfect with plum polish.

Instagram | @nailpolismuseum

12. This design is so pretty!

Instagram | @hashtagnailpolish
Main image via Stuff Point

Collage images via 1. Stuff Point 2. Instagram / @nailboxco 3. Instagram / @hashtagnailpolish