When I answer questions about what my zodiac sign is, I always get a, “Oh, that makes sense.” What makes sense? Then, I proceeded to read about my horoscope, and then I’m like, yup… I see it! Although I don’t embody my zodiac sign to a T, I do see some of those Scorpio traits in me! It’s actually pretty cool to read about the characteristics and see how similar I am to my sign. Whether you believe it or not, it’s still fun to read about zodiac signs and to think of family and friends who share that sign. I feel like most of my really close friends share the same zodiac sign! So weird!

I’m a Scorpio, and I love reading about the type of things Scorpios are into when it comes to style and food. Although it might not be super accurate, it’s pretty interesting to read. Since spring is here, it’s time to change up your look! What better way to decide on a haircut than to get one based on your zodiac sign? Should you let it grow or get an undercut? Learn what haircut you should get based off your zodiac sign right here!

1. Aquarius

Creativity is a huge part of an Aquarius’ life, whether it be painting, writing, or day dreaming. Whatever it is you’re doing, your creativity is shining through. Aquariuses also like a sense of freedom, which explains how adventurous they are. This short, layered, and wispy haircut is perfect for anybody who has this zodiac sign! It’s a beautiful haircut, and it’s easy to maintain, as well. You can change up the look all the time by either curling it or straightening it. The layers give it a beautiful, carefree look!

Instagram | @desiperkins

2. Pisces

Y’all are so mysterious! You have a lot of emotions and you express them through passions like drawing, dancing, or singing. You’re always looking for the deeper meanings, and you’re quite insightful, too. Getting an undercut would be perfect for a Pisces because they would understand the beauty and creativity behind the cut. It’s also easy to hide whenever you don’t feel like showing that part of yourself to anybody.

Instagram | @tina_does_hair

3. Aries

You’re a leader and everybody knows it! Fearless is your middle name and you’re not afraid to get things started! You like to have fun and everybody knows you because of your charismatic energy. A blunt, past-the-shoulder haircut would be perfect for these energetic souls. It’s a haircut for strong and intelligent people — just like you!

Instagram | @__georgiag

4. Taurus

Sweet, sweet, little Taurus. They’re kindhearted humans, but they can also can be forces to be reckoned with. They are reliable and practical, which makes a long, layered cut a great idea for them. Not a lot of upkeep is involved in this cut! Tauruses rejoice!

Instagram | @larlarlee

5. Gemini

A Gemini is basically two women in one! They can go from intelligently talking about politics to talking about the Kardashians. They are not afraid to share their opinion, and they get bored very easily. As women, we get bored of our hair really quick! Shaving one side of their hair would be a great cut for Geminis because if they’re ever bored of their shaved side, they can just split their hair down the middle to cover the shaven part. Boredom vanished!

Gareth Cattermole | Getty Images

6. Cancer

Cancers embody three Ps: peaceful, passionate, and persistent. You’re sensitive and sometimes reserved, which makes it hard to spot a Cancer in the crowd. Getting bangs is a perfect idea for adding some spunk and edge to your look! Don’t cut them blunt, though! Keep them wispy and dreamy!

7. Leo

When a Leo comes into the room, everybody and their mama knows it! Your personality is so big and powerful. With a personality like that, there is no need to hide behind your hair! Cut it short with long layers. You can do so much with this cut, like slicking it back or letting it all hang down. Whatever you decide to do, I have confidence that you will wear it with pride! Strut your stuff!

Instagram | @nicolerichie

8. Virgo

Intellectual is what you are! You’re highly intuitive and a total perfectionist. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Getting an above-the-shoulder bob is perfect for the logical thinker you are. This is a smart and very chic hairdo that is super practical for the Virgo in you!

Instagram | @kyliejenner

9. Libra

This sign is all about fairness, justice, and balance. That’s also what you crave, as well!  You’re charismatic and your soft charm captivates people. A medium-length blunt cut would show off how sophisticated and elegant you are! This cut is romantic, which is what you’re all about!

Instagram | @kaush_m

10. Scorpio

Scorpios are a dangerous combo of sexy and mysterious. They are also exotic and magnetic, but they’re pretty moody, sometimes. Play up on the mystery by  not getting a cut at all! Let it grow out long and free. You’re self-confident and strong, so why not? I’m a Scorpio and I’m loving this! I’ve been growing out my hair!

Instagram | @carlibel

11. Sagittarius

You have a great sense of humor and you enjoy life, even with its ups and downs. Being a versatile and feisty person calls for a haircut that shows that personality off! Shaving both sides of your hair and keeping the top long is the cutest look to go for. You’re adventurous and fun-loving, and this haircut exudes that!

The Superficial | Getty Images

12. Capricorn

You’re not scared of making goals or of taking them on aggressively. You’re powerful and responsible, and you’re not afraid to show it. Experimenting with new things is what Capricorns love to do! Why not experiment with this asymmetrical pixie cut? You can even create a fun design on the side to show how dynamic and creative you can be.

Paul Archuleta | Getty Images
I’m a Scorpio, and I love the cut (or lack thereof) for my sign! What’s your sign and what haircut should you get? Comment to let us know!